Probate- it can be a very difficult process when you lose a loved one and even more difficult when you or family members have to transfer their estate.  We can help you through the difficult probate process.

Social Security Disability- too often the Social Security office will deny people the benefits that they have earned.   They deny people who do qualify for many reasons.  If you are unable to work and are close to retirement age, do not take early retirement benefits, you could be losing out on money. If you have become disabled and been denied by the Social Security Administration, call us for a free evaluation on your case.

Guardianship-  when your parents or grandparents are unable to care for themselves due to their age or medical conditions such as dementia, contact us and we can help you through the process of becoming their guardian to ensure that you can help to manage all of their affairs.

Name change- if you are looking to change your name legally we can assist you in getting that accomplished.


If you have a dispute that is over $5,000, we can help you sue or defend a suit in County Court or Circuit Civil Court.

Collections- when you are owed money, we can assist you in collecting the debts.

Contracts- if you are considering entering a contract or want to protect yourself when you need a contract, please contact us to ensure that your rights are protected.

Evictions-  Whether you are being evicted or you need to evict a tenant, give us a call to find out what your rights are and to make sure you comply with all statutory time lines.

Florida does not use the term "custody", but rather uses the term "time-sharing" to determine how much time a child spends with each parent.  The consideration is what is in "the best interest of the child".  Florida does feel that children deserve to spend time with both parents; however, the amount of time differs with each unique situation.

Wills- We can draft you will to make sure that your final wishes are honored when you pass.  We can also draft an advanced medical directive to make sure that you designate who will make those difficlut end of life decisions when you are unable.



Document drafting and review-  if you are thinking of signing a lease, or you need a lease drafted up, contact us, we can help make sure your rights are protected.


Child Support-  Florida calculates child support using a number of different regulations.  Both parents income is considered, along with other sources of income on a monthly basis.  The number of overnights that a child spends with a parent can either reduce or increase the amount of child support needed for the child.  Even if both parents have equal time with the child, child support can still be ordered.

Powers of Attorney- they can be an extremely useful tool if you need someone to take care of your affairs on your behalf, but they can also be a dangerous tool because someone could do too much and hold you responsible.  This is something that should be done with caution and full knowledge of the specific situation.

Quiet title actions- if you purchased a property and the title is clouded, we may be able to help you clear the title through the legal process.

Small Claims Court- Has someone ripped you off?  Owes you money?  If the amount in dispute is under $5,000 then you can sue them in small claims court.  Ask us questions about the process.

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How most attorney's charge-  Most attorney's will charge you a large lump sum "retainer" fee.  That fee can range from $1,500- $5,000, then they charge you hourly for everything that they do on your case.  Attorney's in our local market area range from $250-$350 per hour, the rate for paralegals can be $100-$150 per hour and for staff at $25-$75 per hour.  The retainer typically gets drained quickly and they want you deposit more money.

Divorces- We understand that going through a divorce can be a difficult time and that you probably have a lot of questions about the process.  No two divorces are exactly the same.  We pride ourselves on explaining the process and making sure that you understand the complex system along with your rights while navigating the judicial system.   Equitable distribution is how you divide up your assets and your debts, while they are supposed to be divided equally, there are many reasons why people may want to take certain items or divide up debts in an unequal fashion.  Alimony can help a spouse to adjust to the process of going from being married to single.  Florida has different types of alimony for different situations and it can be paid to either spouse.

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HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT-  We do not charge large lump sum retainers, nor do we charge hourly for our services.  Depending on your case, we will either charge a flat rate fee or a flat monthly fee.  This fee will cover all the work that we need to do on your case, the only thing that would not be covered under our flat rate fees are 3rd party costs.  3rd party costs are any charges that another company may charge you.  Examples of 3rd party costs include but are not limited to filing fees, service company fees, fees paid to a mediator and court reporter fees.  We encourage you to call around and compare prices. 

Paternity-  If the parents were not married when the child was born, then a paternity action is needed to set up the "legal" rights of the father and to establish a time-sharing schedule.